Our business creates handmade creative lights made from repurposed textiles and antiques.  We enjoy hand making each piece and taking the time to create unusual and unique pieces.  You are able to special order any lighting ideas you have or tell us your thoughts and we can custom make you a timeless, unique, piece that matches your wishes.

We travel all over the United States and go picking to find all sorts of rare, old, rusty interesting items.  We pick everything from garage sales, flea markets, antique stores and we stop at anything that looks antique and rusty!  We love to meet new people and have such a passion for repurposing things and showcasing the gems of the past!!

We have a great list of folks who need us to find things for them, so it is even more fun to hunt all over for specific things too!!  Let us know what we can unearth or find for you!


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Angela & Andre

Huachuca, AZ, 85616

Tel: 303-304-5225

Email: aaupcycledantiques@gmail.com

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